The Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Blow Wave

Getting the perfect blowout

The art of blow-drying is one that’s worth learning. When you do it right, your locks shine with a gorgeous lustre and bounce that gives off an effortlessly put-together radiance.

How do you get the perfect blowout?

Our salon professionals have all mastered the skill of angling, styling and setting tresses along their hairdressing journey, which is why your mane always looks fabulous when you walk out of our salon. Replicating the effect at home is something that many of our clients try to do, but often find that frizz stands in the way.

We thought we’d share our expertise and help you achieve a svelte, perfect finish in between appointments, whether you’re in Perth or further away.

Why does my hair go frizzy when I blow dry it?

Frizz is the most common obstacle that stands in the way of a perfect result. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, heat can create dryness and damage, which leads to an undesirable halo of frizz around your head.

There are a few things you can do to avoid that, and get the polished effect you’re looking for.

Use the right tools

You’ve probably seen the kind of tools our stylists use to finish off your cut or colour. The round brush and drier (with the nozzle fitted) are a classic combination that allows for smoothing out your strands and concentrating heat along the sections you’re working with.

Remember, to keep your locks healthy always run a heat protectant through before you start – no matter what.

Make sure your mane is not too wet, and not too dry

Moisture is a crucial factor contributing to the way that your strands are set. It’s best to blowdry when your mane is about 60-70% dry, leaving room for you to style it.

If you’ve just come out of the shower or have slow-drying tendrils, we’d recommend giving your whole head a blast of heat to speed up the process. Then grab your brush, wrap a section around it, and point the nozzle towards your roots.

Technique is everything

Smoothing out your tresses takes technique and patience.

  1. Starting with your brush close to your head, and slowly pass hot air over the coiled strands.
  2. Then roll the bristles downwards with the nozzle, moving in tandem.
  3. For extra volume, tip your head down or pull upwards from the roots – basically, in the opposite direction to where your tresses naturally fall.
  4. Reaching the ends, roll the hair under (towards you), and give a final blast of heat.


Great blow waved hair

It will take more than one pass before you’ll see svelte results, so keep going. Frizziness is a sign that there’s more work to do – so just repeat the above steps until it’s gone.

Finish off with product

The final step is to seal in your work with a light oil or serum. We love our specialty salon products for this purpose, and have a few options available for you at our shop. Just add a small amount to the ends and anchor any stray flyaways down with your product – and you’re done.

What about curly hair?

If maintaining natural curls is your goal, be sure to use a diffuser attachment. After an initial blast of hot air, place sections into the diffuser cup, raise it to your scalp, and blast for a few moments.

Then turn the air flow off, gently lower the cup, and repeat all across the head. The key is not to touch any tendrils while they’re still wet. This will create frizz, and make it much more difficult for defined curls to form.

Try it out now

In the hands of experts, any technique looks effortless. Of course, years of training and practice have made it that way. Once you begin to see progress at home you’ll be rewarded by your efforts, and see what a workout on your arms it is.

If you’ve tried all of the above and just can’t seem to get it right, pop in to our Beauford St salon or book an appointment over the phone. Whether you’re after a blow wave, cut and colour or another of our specialty services, we’re more than happy to treat your mean with the professional skill and care it deserves. Whether you are in Bedford or Inglewood you might even learn a thing or two.