5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Colour Highlights


Do you want to shake things up by introducing chic blonde highlights to your brunette locks? What about adopting a trend like money piece highlights or balayage? 

At Hemisphere Hair, we know how exciting colouring your hair can be. Here are 5 things you should know before highlighting to prepare you for your next colouring adventure. 

1. Decide Which Highlights You Want to Try

Naturally, before you book your appointment, it helps to understand the styles you want to try. For example, do you want to experiment with a light brown level 5 colour? Or are you keen to try something like money piece highlights? 

If you’re unsure, here are some ideas to get you started: 

Standard Hair Colour Highlights 

Highlighting hair involves lightening strands from the root to the tip. The new hair colour levels are broken up by the natural hair, which creates dimension. 


Babylights involve highlights of colour that are applied in much finer sections. Rather than an overt change in hair colour levels, this process creates more of a sun-kissed look than standard highlights. 


Balayage is a hair colour technique done freehand by a stylist. This process involves taking randomised sections of hair, backcombing, and then sweeping on the highlight’s colour. 


This process of highlighting hair is essentially balayage with foils. This is great for those with brunette hair looking to incorporate blonde highlights, as it allows your stylist to achieve the highest lift possible. 


Ombre continues to go in and out of style. This process of highlighting hair creates a gradient where hair colour levels blend. A typical example is transitioning from level 5 brunette hair to using blonde highlights. 

Low Lights

While these are not technically highlights, they are a part of the process of highlighting hair. Lowlights are the colour of your natural hair or darker, so level 5 and 6 hair colours are often popular for this process. The use of lowlights helps introduce depth, for example, for those with brunette hair and blonde highlights. 

Money Piece 

The money piece highlights the trend involving creating a blonde or bright frame around the hairline. This lifts your complexion and will gradually fade out with minimal maintenance required. 

2. Aim to Frame Your Face with Hair Colour Highlights

The placement of hair colour, like level 5, and blonde highlights, can make or break a look. The brightest highlights should frame the face, with darker colour levels at the root. From money piece highlights to standard hair colour highlights, there are many ways to achieve a look you will love. 

3. Avoid Adding Too Many Hair Colour Levels 

While it can be tempting to experiment with many different hair colour levels at once, too much variation can create an unnatural look. Stick with a base, highlight, and lowlight for more flattering styles. If you are still determining the direction you want to take, consult your hair colour specialist. 

4. Contrast Between Your Skin Colour and Hair Colour Highlights 

Choosing the right hair colour is imperative. Keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a colour. If the process of highlighting hair creates a look that is light enough to match your skin tone, then you will appear washed out. Keep the hair colour levels between one and three levels lighter than your base colour for the best results. 

5. Prepare to Maintain Your Highlights Colour

Maintaining highlights like money piece or ombre styles may involve ongoing maintenance after you leave the salon. From regular touch-ups to deep conditioning treatments, you can take steps to keep your hair colour fresh. 

If you have moved from a level 5 hair colour to a lighter level or are rocking brunette hair with blonde highlights, it could be worth investing in violet or purple shampoo to stave off brassiness. Choosing a sulphate-free shampoo can also help to maintain vivid colour without drying out the follicles. 

Remember that any process involving highlighting will create some damage, so you must be vigilant with treatments and heat protectants to protect your hair. 

Get Stunning Hair Colour Highlights at Hemisphere Hair 

If you are excited to transform your brunette hair with well-placed blonde highlights, or you are eager to try a new style like money piece highlights, then get in touch with a hair colour specialist at Hemisphere Hair

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