5 Reasons to Visit a Professional for Your Next Hair Colour in 2022


If you are ready for your next in-style makeover, then changing up your hair colour is a fantastic way to refresh your look and put a little swagger in your step. Before you reach for that DIY box promising the latest hairstyles of 2022, first think about how you can really transform your style with professional hair colour. There are many benefits to choosing an in-style salon, after all, from using the best hair colour brands to selecting the latest hairstyles for ladies.

At Hemisphere Hair, we know just how vital salon styling is to achieving your ultimate hair colour goals. Here are five reasons why you should visit a professional for your next style makeover. 

1. Enjoy Healthier Hair with Salon Styling

No matter your colour or style, if your hair is not healthy and in good condition, the odds are you will not be happy with your end look. Unfortunately, DIY dye kits have a reputation for causing problems like dryness, breakage and even hair loss. It is much safer to entrust the health of your hair to a salon professional experienced in the art of hair colouring and styling. 

Your stylist will think carefully about providing the look you want while maintaining your hair’s health when creating in-style salon hairstyles for ladies. By combining professional salon hair colour brands and practised techniques, your colour artist will ensure that your locks look and feel their best after every in-style makeover. 

2. Choose Customised Colours for Your Style Makeover in 2022

Some of the most eye-catching hairstyles of 2022 do not involve standard colours that you see on the grocery store shelf. If you seek more avant-garde hairstyles for ladies, then visiting the salon is your best option. Any in-style hair salon is equipped to provide you with the colour of your dreams. With a sea of professional hair colour brands and varieties at their disposal, you can achieve your ideal shade every time. 

3. Avoid Colour Catastrophes with Professional Salon Hair Colour Brands

We’ve all seen pictures and videos of DIY ladies’ hair dye experiments that have gone terribly wrong. From encountering a small shading problem to realising you suddenly look more like an anime character than your favourite influencer or celebrity, using drugstore dye kits can produce some genuinely horrendous hairstyles for ladies. However, when you visit a professional colourist, you only need to worry about choosing the right shade for your next in-style makeover. 

Instead of fretting over what the end result will look like, you can feel confident that your stylist knows what they are doing and that they are using professional salon hair colour brands to recreate any of your favourite hairstyles in 2022. 

4. Get a Colour that Lasts Longer 

It is a fact that professional salon hair colour brands produce a look that lasts longer. DIY dye kits for ladies seem cost-effective but consider how many boxes you invest in to keep your look fresh. 

While salon styling may not be the cheapest option available, it can save you hundreds in the long term. Not only will you enjoy a vibrant colour that lasts, but you also get the nourishing benefits of professional salon hair colour brands that can enrich your hair. That, plus the experience of a talented stylist, means you will not have to keep returning to the salon to maintain your latest style makeover. 

5. Lay the Foundations for Your Next Style Makeover 

The first salon styling appointment will likely feel long and expensive whenever you change your hair colour, especially if you embark on a drastic style makeover that requires a lot of work (think transforming from chocolatey brunette to ice blond!). While this may seem like the perfect reason to avoid professional hair styling, it is actually the opposite. By laying healthy and long-lasting foundations, you can reduce the time and money you spend maintaining your new look. The next time you make an appointment with your favourite stylist, all you will need is a touch-up! 

Find Your Next Hair Colour Style at Hemisphere Hair in 2022

Visit us at Hemisphere Hair for your next professional salon hair colour and discover how experienced styling and quality salon hair colour brands can transform your look in no time. 

Our in-style salon is recognised as one of Perth’s leading establishments for ladies and gents, with expert stylists and diverse hair salon colours capable of realising the hottest hairstyles of 2022. 

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