Hair Colour Genetics: 5 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair


Have you decided to take the plunge and experiment with a hair colour specialist to find your new look? Before you rush to book an appointment or reach for that at-home hair colour rinse, there are a few things that you should know. 

For instance, did you know that men and women will have their hair colour determined by the amount of pigment in their hair? It’s true. Those with large amounts of the pigment known as eumelanin generally have brown or black hair. If they have low levels, they’re a blondie. 

Why is it helpful to know information about your hair colour genetics? Well, it will help enormously when switching to a new hair colour! 

At Hemisphere Hair, we have a hair colour specialist near you who is trained to work with every hair colour for both men and women. So, believe us when we say that we know how you can achieve a perfect colour every time in the salon or at home. 

1. Black Hair to Ash Blonde: Use Your Skin Tone as a Guide

We have all wanted to jump in and shake up our look with a bold, vibrant colour rinse. But the truth is, if you have never dyed your hair before, this could be a drastic change for which you aren’t fully prepared. That is why, for hair colour beginners, using your skin tone and colouring as a guide can be so helpful. 

For example, hair colour for black hair can beautifully complement someone with warmer skin tones. In contrast, a platinum hair colour rinse will flatter a cool complexion. Understanding your hair colour genetics will make this process easier for both men and women at home and in the salon.

2. Prep Your Hair Before You Colour in the Salon

Whether you are planning to use hair colour for black hair or ash blonde, prepping your hair can make all the difference. Hydrate with a hair mask or leave-in conditioner to plump the hair cuticle and introduce a burst of moisture. It can also be helpful to avoid shampooing right before a colour rinse, as this can sometimes strip away the natural oils that coat and protect your locks. 

3. You Might Need Several Hair Colour Appointments 

Even with a talented hair colour specialist on call for men and women, your perfect colour may not be achievable in a one-stop visit. This is because it can take a little while to fulfil the more dramatic looks. For example, if you are switching from using hair colour for black hair to a lighter, ash blonde rinse or treatment, then a gradual process will be required to avoid damaging your locks. 

4. Chase the Grey Away with Lighter Ash Hues 

If you hope to fight off the grey, put away the colour for black hair. Working with lighter shades and colours is a great way to work with your hair colour genetics. A lighter hair colour rinse, like ash, can help detract from the grey for men and women while complementing your complexion. 

Ask any hair colour specialist near you, and they will tell you that when managing greys, working gradually with lighter colours will help to protect your hair from the damage and stress caused by radical treatments. 

5. Don’t Skip the Patch Test in the Salon or at Home 

Whether you choose a colour for black hair or ash shades, trying a small amount before you apply it to your entire head can be of great value for virgin hair. Whether you are working with a salon professional or experimenting at home, if you are unsure of the colour you are striving for, then a patch test to see if your choice is too light, dark or ash for your liking. This is also important for those with sensitive scalps, as it can help prevent unwanted reactions from new hair colour rinse chemicals. 

Where Can I Find a Hair Colour Specialist Near Me for Men and Women’s Colour?

So, put an end to the search and book with any of our hair colour specialists at Hemisphere Hair. Talented and experienced, our award-winning team provide the absolute best in hair colour for men and women alike. 

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