Balayage vs Foils: What’s the Difference

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When you want to shake up your look and brighten your style, balayage colour and foil highlights are both great options. But how do you know which choice is best for your hair?

 In this article, our team at Hemisphere Hair will be looking at the unique differences between these colour techniques. So, without further ado, let’s find out if you will be visiting a foil or balayage hairdresser near you in Perth and North Lakes for your next hair transformation!

What is Balayage Colour?

Balayage – a word rolling off the tongue and conjuring images of lush, wavy locks. Meaning “to sweep” in French, this hair colour technique involves hand painting a lightening solution onto portions of your hair to create a natural, lighter look that blends with ease.

The best balayage technicians in Perth and North Lakes create striking depth and dimension so that your hair appears healthy and voluminous. For an approach that is both freehand and artistic, a balayage colour session is a perfect choice.

How to Maintain Balayage Colour

If you are someone who prefers fewer visits to your Perth and North Lakes hairdresser, then balayage may be better suited for you. As the technique is less obvious in terms of colour change, you will only need to occasionally return to your stylist. You can even stretch this to going just three or four times a year. As balayage blends with natural colour so well, it grows out beautifully and avoids any unflattering regrowth. 

What are Foil Highlights?

Anyone who has ever visited a hairdresser near Perth, North Lakes or anywhere across the world has probably seen foils in action. A popular choice, this hair colour technique involves applying a lightener or hair colour to lift the brightness of specific hair strands.

Using foils allows your hairdresser to section off the hair before strategically applying the product. The use of aluminium foil allows for the proper conduction of heat, creating bolder colours that penetrate deep into the hair follicle.

When you work with a North Lakes and Perth hairdresser skilled in highlight techniques, you can enjoy stunning results that are tailored to your preference. With such a styled approach, you can achieve a fresh new look that is lightened from root to tip.

How to Maintain Highlights

When you opt to work with highlights, you need to know new hair growth will be much more noticeable. As a result, the use of colour-extending products is recommended to help your desired shade stay more vibrant for longer. You will also need to check in with your hairdresser in Perth at least every six to eight weeks to maintain the overall look of your highlights.

When you discover a colour you love, the use of highlights can completely transform your look. It gives your hair a new lease on life and puts a little more confidence in your step after every visit to your best local Perth or North Lakes hairdresser.

Which Option is Best for Your Hair?

Now we get to it. Balayage versus foil highlights – which one is best suited for your hair? Well, this depends on the way you care for your hair and the type of look you’re trying to achieve.

Individuals with longer hair may decide to work with a balayage hairdresser as their length will work well with the sweeping on of their chosen colour. On the other hand, those with shorter hair may choose highlights as this technique allows for colour to be used much closer to the scalp for a deeper finish.

If you are looking to cover greys, balayage is a subtle way to target just those areas rather than your whole head. It is also great for those wanting to gradually grow their colour or experiment with warmer tones.

There is always the option of combining balayage and foils to create an overall look that you will love; ask your balayage hairdresser about “Foilyage” – a colour technique starting with the painted colour of balayage and finishing up with stylish foil accents.

Searching for ‘the Best Balayage Hairdresser Near Me’? Trust Hemisphere Hair in Perth

Now that you know the difference between highlights and balayage colour techniques, it’s time to contact a balayage hairdresser! At Hemisphere Hair, our team of talented stylists in Perth provide the best balayage service at affordable prices, so you can achieve your desired look.

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