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What is SmartBond?

SmartBond is a unique three-step process that protects and strengthens the hair during all colour services. The best way to understand SmartBond is to think of your hair as a house under construction. The bonds in the hair are like bricks, and SmartBond is the cement. SmartBond is added into the colour to protect and strengthen the integrity of the bonds and hold them together. All shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are made for the outer layers of the hair; they can be likened to the plaster and paint on the outer layer of the house.

The bonds in the hair are broken when the hair is coloured or lightened, so SmartBond is added to ensure that these bonds remain strong and healthy, keeping your hair in the best condition possible.

How often should I have my hair cut?

Every 6-8 weeks, regardless of your hair type, and even if you are trying to grow your hair! Getting regular trims keeps your ends strong and healthy. If you trim your hair only once or twice a year, you will find you need to cut more off because more is at risk of breakage.

If I colour my hair, should I be using colour-specific shampoo?

Yes! Using a colour-specific shampoo will prolong the life of your colour, reduce colour fading, and protect the hair. For example, using purple shampoo on blonde hair will keep the blonde vibrant, and other shampoos designed to rebuild and strengthen will improve the hair’s condition. The better the hair condition, the better the colour will look and last.

Should I shampoo twice or is that a myth?

This is not a myth! You should always shampoo twice.

The first shampoo removes any dirt, oil, and product build up from the hair; the second shampoo makes sure the hair is squeaky clean so the ingredients in the shampoo can work their magic and do what they were designed to do (repair, smooth, moisturise).

Is professional shampoo and conditioner worth the investment?

Yes! There is a vast difference in the quality of ingredients in professional products compared to (store-bought brands?). Using professional products also allows you to customise your haircare specifically to your hair type, making at-home care and management easier.

Take the time to talk to your stylist so they can advise you on the products that will help you achieve the best results.

Why can’t I go from dark to platinum in one sitting?

If you have dark hair, don’t expect to be a perfect white blonde after one session. Rushing the process lightening to blonde puts you at risk of chemical damage, which results in extremely dry hair and breakage.

Take the time to talk to your stylist, have a plan in place, and be prepared for your journey to take up to a year; this way, your hair will still be healthy by the end.

Why can’t I have my hair cut without being blow-dried?

Hemisphere prides itself in our high-quality service and our goal is to provide you with a luxurious experience and first-class haircare; therefore, all our haircuts include a shampoo, condition, massage, and blow-dry. It is important to us that we style your hair perfectly, which means we need to go over your haircut once it is dry to complete any necessary texturising.

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Can I book online?

Yes, you can! We have a direct link on our website and Instagram page; all you need to do is follow the prompts!