10 Best Winter Hair Colours for the Season

Winter Hair Colour

Looking for a way to change things up this winter? Need a fresh look to carry you through the cooler months? From striking icy blonde tones to chocolatey brunette shades, there are a variety of exciting winter hair colours that you can try this season. At Hemisphere Hair, we’ve got you covered with 10 stunningly beautiful colours and styles to get your winter season started right. Embrace eye-catching contrasts or bold, vibrant hues to make a statement and transform your look with these great ideas for the best winter colours that you will love.

1. Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown

Try out a dark chestnut brown base this winter, accentuated with lighter cinnamon hue highlights. A hairstyle that appears chic and effortless, the combination of light and dark colours will keep your look fresh all season. Style with a medium-length cut and experiment with loose curls to accent your gorgeous highlights.

2. Classic Brown Caramel

Who doesn’t love a rich brunette colour? With this wintery look, you can combine two gorgeous shades of brown, adding incredible depth to your hairstyle by drawing attention to your layers and cut. Enjoy this classic style with a twist, showcasing vibrant colour whether wearing it long or short, straight or curled.

3. Burgundy Ombre Style

Black is one of the go-to shades for winter looks, but it can sometimes feel gloomy and one-dimensional without a little something extra. Try throwing in some burgundy ombre hues, adding an accent of plum against the dark background for a striking effect. You can enjoy a modern, chic look every day with a twist on a classic style.

4. Golden Brown Balayage

Get ready to glow and warm up those wintery feel with a rich balayage style. Timeless and chic, use a dark brown base colour, ready to add a range of medium brown tone highlights to bring out the eye-catching mix of colours, contrasting against one another and accenting your skin tone.

5. Shiraz Red Waves

 Go for a bold twist on the classic darker hues with an intense mahogany red colour. Intense and on-trend, this look is perfect for brunettes looking to shake things up this season. Opt for a long, flowing look, combined with natural waves for a sleek, voluminous look that everyone will love.  

6. White Platinum Curls

For those looking to buck the brunette trend, exploring the lighter metallic shades can offer an exciting and striking change of pace. Working with platinum blonde and shadowing techniques, this look will provide depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Try an ash blonde base to create a style you will love this winter.

7. Pearl Blonde Highlights

If you prefer a brighter, softer look, this flattering style is perfect for blonde winter hair colours. Great for those with cool skin tones, the pearl blonde base mixed with stylish highlights makes for great hair colour for both long and short styles. While you are at it, why not combine this look with a hint of pastel tones to inject an edgier vibe?

8. Contrasting Silver & Gold

What can be more iconic than a stylish combination of gold and silver? Starting with an all-over shade of golden blonde, introduce silver streaks to create a look that will turn heads everywhere this winter.

9. Orange & Yellow Hues

Just because it’s daring doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a go this season! Some of the brightest, most unique colours for our winter trends, an orange shade with staggered yellow highlights will brighten up any gloomy day.

10. Strawberry Blonde Delight

Warm and bright to break up the winter months, a classic strawberry blonde look might be just the thing for your style this season. You can try blending an ash rosewood hue at the roots, working their way down and blending into a rich strawberry blonde hue for incredible contrast.

Find Your Winter Look with Hemisphere Hair

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