Perth Hair Salon Tips: What to Consider Booking a Salon Appointment Near You


Ever had a lazy afternoon when inspiration suddenly struck, urging you to rush and find hair salons open near you for an appointment?

We’ve all been there, but before you hurry off and call your favourite stylist, there are a few things that you should consider, and it goes beyond your ideal colour or length. 

In this article, our in-house experts at Hemisphere Hair have compiled our top six tips to help you enjoy the best look that suits you by preparing for your appointment. 

1. Bring Photos to Show Your Perth Hair Stylist

Who doesn’t appreciate visual aids when trying to best understand someone else’s vision? In fact, the more pictures, the better when trying to show your stylist the perfect colour and length you are seeking at your next salon appointment. Even though the results may not match your reference material exactly, your stylist will have a better chance of creating a look that suits you. 

2. Think About Your Home Hair Care Routine

If you are not looking after your hair at home, there is only so much a hair appointment can do to create a look you love. Talk with a stylist at a salon open near you in Perth and think about treatments or hair care techniques you can adopt to strengthen your locks and introduce some shine. In any appointment, the best hairdressers can assess your hair type and health, as well as make clear recommendations to help you. 

3. Be Upfront with Hairdressers About Your Hair Colour History

Everyone has had a length or colour that did not work wonders for their hair. Whether it was down to inexperienced hairdressers or a lousy box dye, if you are upfront with your stylist, they will be able to provide you with the support you need to get back to vibrant hair colour that suits you and feels as good as new. 

This honesty will also directly impact your impending colour, as virgin hair reacts differently to coloured hair, meaning you can experience vastly different results depending on product concentrations and levels. 

4. Think About the Length of Time It Will Take

Sometimes finding the right colour that suits you is a journey. You may achieve fabulous results after one appointment, but you may also need several follow-up sessions to get your new shade exactly right. If this is the case, consult with your stylist to plan ahead. For example, colour-intensive treatments may require a rest period. So, if you are planning to experiment with a bold new colour, the best hairdressers near you can recommend a treatment plan to renew your hair. 

It is also worth remembering that no salon appointment is exactly the same. So, ask a stylist near you roughly how long you will be in the chair to plan your day accordingly. 

5. Consider Your Hair Type & What Length or Colour Suits It 

Different hair types respond differently to cuts and colours. Before any hair appointment, consider how your locks have reacted to various styles and treatments to inform your decisions moving forward. The best hairdressers in Perth can make expert judgements and recommendations about what will best suit your hair. They will have better insight into flourishes and styles that can easily adapt to different hair types, including length, layers or bangs. 

6. Know What You Want from Your Stylist in the Salon 

“What hair colour suits me?” It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves. Balayage and ombre styles sound fancy and on-trend, but you may be disappointed in the result if you don’t know what they mean. Think about what hair colour suits you and the styles you are excited to try to give your stylist the best chance at giving you what you want. If you are still unsure, confer with your stylist in Perth for tips and inspiration. 

Find Quality Perth Hairdressers Open Near You in Perth 

So, if you are excited to try a new colour or length and wondering, “what hair salons are open near me?” look no further than our expert team at Hemisphere Hair

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