How important is creativity in hairdressing?

Creativity in hairdressing

The art of styling, cutting and colouring tresses is incredibly fulfilling. It’s more than just a trade, and the greatest reward is seeing our clients’ faces light up when they view the final result.

Want To Know Why We Love Being Hairdressers?

Having established Hemisphere Hair more than 20 years ago, we’ve watched the identity and self-confidence of our clients change with each salon visit, thanks to our artists’ skill, creativity and expertise.

It takes visionary flair and great taste in order to do what we do, and there are so many reasons why this career path is worth pursuing. We’ve outlined just a few of these below – but if you’re curious to dig deep, feel free to ask our stylists at your next appointment!

3 Reason to Become a Hairdresser

The art of cutting, colouring and styling tresses falls under the beauty category for a reason. The diversity of natural looks and locks means that a whole variety of techniques and styles are at our disposal, and show up differently on every individual.

The process of crafting a tailored look is one of the things we love about what we do, but the real satisfaction is a sensation that can’t be seen at first glance.

1. Creating every day

The allure of creative expression is something that many crave. In our field, it’s an everyday reality, where we get a request and carry it out to the specifications given. Factoring in personality, face shape and a client’s silhouettes, we put our expertise and experience to use in a way that best suits.

Whether that’s with unique shades of colour or a signature cut designed just for you, we gladly rise to the challenge of crafting something that wows you. As our happy customers know, we’re known for being imaginative, precise and turning our vision into a stylish reality.

2. Giving you what you really want

Clients often come to us with ideas for new looks. Sometimes these ideas are absolutely in line with their overall aesthetic, and sometimes they’re not. We’re all individual – and while you might be inspired to copy a look you’ve seen elsewhere, it might not do you any favours.

The best example of this is with new trends, which are promoted across various channels, with varying results. Having worked on many heads, we have a good idea of what will and will not work – and like all great hairdressers, we can see through inauthentic desires.

There can be a big difference between how you think you should look, and how you actually want to present yourself to the world. We take both into consideration and then deliver with something you’ll love. The smile and thanks we get at the end of an appointment is worth all of our efforts.

3. Seeing our clients glow

The mane is one of the things that always changes and grows. The person behind the locks does too, especially when they’re empowered with confidence from a makeover – or just a regular appointment.

Every visit to our salon is a treat to yourself that does wonders physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t think we don’t pick up on the change.

As we cut your tresses, retouch your colour, or design something completely fresh, we build a working relationship with you, which makes the experience all that much more enjoyable. Once you find the right stylist to match your aesthetic goals, you’ll be counting down the days until your next appointment.

Discover your stylists’ drive

While we’ve shared the top three reasons why our Hemisphere Hair artists love what they do, every stylist has their own motivations. These personal factors fuel our drive and vision, leading us to become Perth’s award-winning colour experts. We continue to nurture a culture of inspiration within our salon today.

Feel free to ask your hairdresser about the vision they have for you at your next appointment, and see how our creations can transform you, inside and out.