Trending Hair Colour in 2021: How to Rock the 90s Revival

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After the year that was 2020, it’s time to say goodbye to the old and bring in a fresh new start. Those seeking style inspiration will find no shortage of it as locks transform with creatively dyed flair.

There’s no doubt that ‘90s references are everywhere in 2021, from the fashion scene to hair and beauty. Reimagined with a modern edge, the refined, glamorous ‘sleek grunge’ look injects updated character to 30-year-old icons. Think dark, shimmering middle parts and thick, bold streaks, modernised with an infusion of balayage. The order of the day is multidimensional rather than all-over hues, giving our artists plenty of creative license to innovate and craft custom looks.

Which 2021 hair colour trends are right for you?

The key to pulling off a trend is making it work for you. This season, ashy tones for blondes and brunettes are in, leaving redheads to turn up the heat.

Cool tones often look best against neutral-to-cool skin, although if your locks are naturally on the silvery side, it’s likely that they’ll look great on you, too. Even warm undertones can benefit from a touch of grey, or you can opt to venture into the cinnamon-sweet shades of the moment. Your features are as much a determining factor as the shades themselves – remember, light expands and darker tones contract.

With all the exciting creative potential ushered in by trendsetters, there’s a style to fit your face shape and undertone, especially when our artists work their magic.

We have a few suggestions on how to wear on-point tresses below – you’ll never know until you try.

Go smoky

Where 2020 was about warm tones, this year is turning 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Smoky shades for blondes and brunettes are in this season, from coal and dark chocolate all the way through to grayscale.

Rich ‘dark leather’ tones with a multi-dimensional, multi-tonal glossy vibrancy are definitely in demand, both in all-over colour and balayage. Nobody does it better than Kim Kardashian, with her luminous mane styled into a very 90s middle part!     

For the blondes, milky wheat, beige and mushroomy all-over colour with dimension and structure add refreshment to brassy locks. This is the perfect opportunity for those whose blonde has become over-processed and needs a subtle desaturation for balance.

Narrow faces will benefit from the revitalised look, which can serve to add width to the sides, especially if cut into layers. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something to slim down your features, going darker with a blunt-cut middle part is the ideal choice to stay trendy and true to you. 

Bold streaks and stripes are back

Chunky, out-there highlights began appearing across the celebrity scene last year and are now firmly taking hold. Face-framing highlights are featured on many styles, just like Beyonce’s 2020 look. A few strokes of expertly blended dye makes a major difference to the overall hairstyle and opens up the face.

If you’re not prepared to go light all-over, take advantage of this style and test the waters. Alternatively, thick stripes of lightening pieces all over the head are just as stylish, as are underlayer halos. Once your tresses go up, the hidden colours are revealed, making a statement without you even trying.

Show your roots

The impact of last year’s restrictions took its toll on hair, and the resulting rooty look has morphed into a running trend. The chic way to wear rooty regrowth is more as a well-blended shadow than as harsh lines, the kind our artists can seamlessly blend.

Fiery copper and spicy cinnamon are hot right now

If hot and spicy is your look, go red this season. It doesn’t get much spicier than burnout copperesque cinnamons with little hints of brown, topped by flaming accents. The multi-dimensional theme carrying through all trends means these warm shades flicker into life with a shimmery, larger-than-life effect as you move through the day.

If you want to go the extra mile, tie in daringly bold, flaming true-red streaks on top, or blend them into an on-point halo.

Treat Your Tresses to a Post-Lockdown Transformation

If you love the sound of what 2021 has in store for colour, take the plunge and treat yourself to a transformation.

If you’re in WA, drop in to see what the best artistic hair colour specialist in Perth,can do for you. From highlights to smoked-out balayage, try out a tailored look that takes the style of the moment and makes it uniquely yours.

Feel free to snap a picture for inspiration and show it at your appointment – we’ll interpret it and make your mane into a masterpiece.