3 Curly Hair Tips and Tricks You Need To Know To Get Frizz-Free, Permanently

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When the full beauty of ringlets are put on show, the results are stunning.

The trouble is that most girls lack the know-how to tame their tresses and bring out the best in what they were born with. Between frizz, heat damage and using products that just aren’t going to give you results, there’s little chance of having fully-formed spirals defining your look.

To help you get there, our stylists have dished out their top three tips for helping you tame the mane and make it shine.

Frizz-free hair needs moisture

There are three main reasons why locks frizz up: a lack of moisture, too much product build-up, and towel drying.

Unlike naturally straight locks, textured locks need a lot of moisture. If they don’t get enough of it into their follicles, they’ll seek it out from the air, which results in static. That’s why humidity creates bad hair days!

1. Don’t dry with a towel

Mistake number one for most girls is towel drying after washing. A regular terry cloth draws out too much moisture, so it’s difficult to achieve a smooth result.

Meanwhile, a microfibre cloth or special towel like those we use at the Hemisphere salon retains as much hydration as possible, which is exactly what’s needed for perfectly crafted tendrils.

2. Invest in a quality care routine

As soon as the cloth comes off, the next step is to add essentials like curl creams and gels. Lightweight formulas from quality brands like Kérastase and L’Oréal Professional are specifically made without the use of harsh sulfates, alcohols and silicones. Stylists scrunch these products into soaking wet locks to drive the cream or gel deep into the follicles and nourish them from the inside out.

If you’re doing this at home, make sure to use small amounts of the substance so that it doesn’t weigh down your mane. Product buildup can cause dry, angry frizz, which your locks won’t like at all!

3. Look, but don’t touch

Thirdly, avoid touching your tresses. It’s tempting to run your hands through perfect ringlets or stretch them out, but this will only drop them down. It’s best to appreciate the beauty from afar and save yourself the trouble of an early refresh. It goes without saying to avoid brushing – leave the detangling for the shower.

If you’ve been in to get your styling done with us, but just can’t seem to replicate the results at home, try the Curly Girl Method. There are great tips from YouTubers and beauty lovers who have gone from static to stunning in truly inspirational fashion. Their journey might give you clues on what might work for your specific case, and you can always consult our stylists if you get stuck.

Your go-to source on how to style naturally curly hair

High heat is often touted as the solution for creating bouncy styles. For those with straight, sleek tresses, a little sea salt spray and some heat for a special occasion can do wonders. However those with natural spirals are better off seeking expert advice and staying away from all forms of heat – even hot water when washing.

Every follicle type is different and needs its own kind of TLC, from washing to styling. Face shape and overall body structure are factors that play into looking your best, as does the method used to define natural, born-this-way beauty.

If you’re in Perth, come in and see our Hemisphere specialists for style tips and pointers specific to you. The moment you’re in front of us, we’ll be able to assess the state of your locks and let you know how best to care for and shape them.

With an in-person consultation at our salon, of which specialises in hairstyling for Perth, you can walk away with the know-how, products and tips to take your mane from an unmanageable mess to gorgeous, easy-to-maintain curls. Create a new style that’s bound to be the envy of all.