Our Best 2021 Summer Hairdos

Summer Hairdos 2021

With the summer breeze in the air and the flowers blooming, many of us are starting to think about what we want our luscious locks to look like for the summer. After a year of cutting your own locks at home during lockdown, why not start the New Year right and come in to see our stylists for the ultimate glow-up!

Get ready to turn some heads this Christmas and New Year period – here at Hemisphere Hair, our salon team is here and ready to help transform your look.

Hottest Summer Hairstyles for 2021

Coming out of one of the wettest winters in years, it’s time we transform our dull dry colours to a brighter, warmer pallet for the festive season. With beach hangs, Christmas cheer and New Year celebrations just round the corner, it’s time to party and get ready for a brighter 2022 – and we’re here to help you do it.

Here are our predictions for the best summer styles and trends of 2021.

A Touch of Colour

Dying your hair with our range of bright, funky colours is all the rage this season. Think tips with blue, emerald or pink ombre that will turn heads and really make an impression for a bold, edgy look. It’s the perfect way to really make a splash when you’re stepping out.

Curtain Bangs

This is the look that is taking 2021 by storm, making a comeback from the early 2000s. It’s the easiest way to sweep your fringe out of your face so you can get stuff done – completing the look with a top-knot.

Pixie Cuts

If you want to stay ahead of the fashion game, cute pixie cuts are coming through and taking over TikTok and Instagram. These short bobs are super fun and easy to look after – not to mention they make you look more sophisticated and mature! This look is perfect for a more professional look, but also for a day at the beach and heading out on the town.

Soft, Blunt Fringes

Softening the edges of a blunt fringe is the perfect combination when it comes to achieving a softer, but edgy appearance. This style has definitely been making waves this season.

Box Bobs

This short, cute look is practical and fun, with minimal, no-fuss layering. This style is ideal if you have finer locks. To get a bit edgier, why not turn this into an asymmetric bob – with different lengths on either side?

Layer Up!

A new twist on the classic, layered look is emerging – with the modern shag starting to turn heads. It’s easy to wear in loose waves. Stagger the look with layers in different lengths – echoing the edgy mullet look recently sported by Miley Cyrus.

Hairstyles are seeing movements with soft shaggy styles. Whether your locks are long or short, this look will have you feeling more feminine.

Blonde Beachy Waves

Looking to achieve that sun-kissed look? Shades of buttery and creamy blondes are being graced all over the covers of the trendiest fashion magazines. It’s true what they say – blondes sure do have a lot of fun.

Rather than trying to bleach your hair yourself, come in and see us from the ultimate do. Blondes should be kept bright and not over-toned for that fresh, beach-ready look. Want to take your luscious locks from brown to platinum blonde? We can show you how.

Copper Tones

Velvety and soft auburn coppers are making a scene this season with fashion splices of spring colours to brighten your day! This reddish brown hue is making a comeback, with many embracing these warmer tones for the summer.

Our Recipe for Summer Success

With your colour looking superb, we need to have your cut and styling also making your features pop.

If a sense of luxury is on the agenda, top up with a Kerastase Fusiodose to seal in the nutrients that our hair craves.

The harsh sun will be enemy number one for our colours. We have the best insurance to save your hair with Loreal Professional’s latest technology Metal Detox, which will eliminate all the harsh metals in the environment that effect the longevity of our colours. 

Get Beach-Ready at Our Salon

We look forward to looking after all your hair dreams this season, and helping you start the New Year right. Come in and have a conversation with one of our colour technicians to get your bespoke colour.

We have all the treatments, products and advice you need to carry out your new look all summer-long. Visit our hairdresser salon in Inglewood for all our styling tips and your next makeover today.