9 of Our Favourite Wedding Veil Hairstyles

Wedding Veil Hairstyles

Your wedding day is the ultimate opportunity for you to express your true self. There are so many outlets for creativity, such as with your dress, cakes, floral arrangements, motif and venue, so it only makes sense for your bridal hair to be a natural expression, too.

It’s likely a range of hairstyles with veils and tiaras are already flooding your Pinterest board, sparking exciting ideas and possibilities with long hair wedding veil styles, all leaving your wedding day stylist to play a pivotal role in working their magic to bring your wishes to life.

To help you decide, our team at Hemisphere Hair have compiled nine hairstyles for brides with veils to help you receive an idea of what you might like to experiment with on your special day.

Our 9 Hairstyles for Brides with a Veil

1. Bridal ponytail with a veil

Are you torn between embracing traditional bridal hair with a crown and veil, or opting for a more low-maintenance ponytail at your wedding? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose, because the right hairdresser can take this challenge for you and deliver the best of both worlds, allowing you to wear a ponytail with the best-fitting veil. If you’re thinking of using hair extensions, this can also prove a great solution, as long as it matches your root colours.

2. High bridal updos

If you want to elevate your look, we recommend going for a classic ballet bun with matching cascading veils or classic tulle veils. Usually, you wear the veil below your updo, but it will still depend on the veil length and what makes you feel and look good.

A sheer drop veil can enhance a high wedding updo, especially when positioned above the bun. It will make the fabric drop gracefully over the bun and give an ethereal, romantic appearance.

You can also wear a wedding headpiece with a veil. Simply nestle the veil comb between the headpiece and your updo for that coveted dramatic hairstyle.

3. Low-set textured wedding updos

Romantic messy buns and chignons are so versatile that they can go with a range of veil lengths and stand beautifully with or without a blusher. These low wedding updos are fashionable hairstyles with veils and tiaras.

bridal hair chignon with veil

You can style your veil from the crown or as a mantilla, but we highly recommend securing the veil on the top of your updo. To elevate your entire bridal hairstyle, you can also add some bridal pins to the side of the veil.

4. Half-up, half-down

Numerous brides have proven how this hairstyle can complement almost any face shape or hair length. Some variations include trying a soft curl or adding a subtle volume to the crown.

What makes the half-up, half-down style so notable is the secure foundation for hairstyles for brides with veils. It works well with multi-tiered, cascading veils or fingertip veils. We recommend using a soft, sweeping long veil for a dash of whimsical romance.

5. Modern-style straight and sleek

Long hair wedding veil styles shine with this modern chic look. It gives a confident vibe alongside the suitable minimalist or extravagant gown. Whether you’re wearing a plunging neckline, structured sleeves, or oversized bow, the key is only to choose a simple accessory & not to overcomplicate the bridal look.

This sleek style offers an alternative for brides who are not fans of waves or struggle to hold curls. We suggest planning with your stylist in advance regarding matters like the peak condition of your hair and the expected temperature or humidity on the big day. Talks may also include planning for colouring your hair or including accessories.

6. Big waves and tousled curls

You can never go wrong with the potential of curly or wavy bridal hair with a crown and veil. It’s a fashionable hairstyle for locks of various lengths and colours, especially balayage.

Ignore the myth that a veil won’t stay in place on an ‘all-out’ hairstyle – we’re debunking that here. You can wear a veil over a loose bridal hairstyle and hold it with additional bobby pins across the veil comb, hidden under your hair.

7. Vintage-themed bridal hairstyles

If you are working with a vintage theme, and are hoping for everything to look like it was pulled straight from the pages of the Great Gatsby, your hair is going to play an extraordinarily large role in capturing the wider period aesthetic! You can wear a wedding hairpiece with a veil to match your vintage-style wedding gown. A good match for this would be a Juliet cap, a birdcage veil, or any traditional veil.

Beautiful hairstyles with veil

8. Side-swept wedding hairstyles

Asymmetrical hairstyles with veils and tiaras can romantically complement each other. They work well with classic tulle veils or with lengths from the fingertip to chapel length or longer.

Regardless of whether you’re wearing a blusher or not, it’s best to plant the veil at the crown to make sure that it won’t weigh down your bridal hairstyle. Doing this will also create a splendid frame for your hair and face.

9. Bridal braids

When you hear the word “braids,” numerous varieties in all shapes and sizes will likely come to mind. Everyone has their own way of creating them, which is why braided hairstyles with veils and tiaras never cease to amaze at weddings.

Depending on your hair length, you can choose from ranges of braided crowns, French braids, or Dutch braids. What will make a massive difference for this style is giving your hair dimension through colour. So, if your locks are solid coloured, you might want to consider asking your stylist to add some lighter-shade highlights in the mix.

Ensure You are Looking & Feeling Your Best with Your Bridal Hair with a Crown & Veil from Hemisphere Hair

For a once in a lifetime event, your dream wedding must flow as perfectly as possible. The more you plan, the lower the risk of encountering any issues, such as your chosen hairstyles.

To ensure that your wedding hairstyle is in peak condition on the day, we suggest consulting with your stylist as early as possible. These sessions can provide critical preparation for areas like hair extensions for added volume or enhanced hair colour for complementing texture and shine. Contact us today at Hemisphere Hair t learn more and get started.